Business Growth Hurdling

Business Growth Hurdling

Everyday I work with business owners wanting to increase the speed and ease of their business growth and still enjoy their personal lives. Sometimes the grunt work of getting a business started is starting to wear them down. Other times they love the adrenaline rush of always being busy but have identified that they really aren’t doing the work that’s going to have the most impact on their performance.

When I ask a room of people “How many of you realise that you are the greatest hurdle you need to overcome in your journey to creating the business or the life of your dreams?” the majority of hands fly up. What most people are telling me is that they recognise they are the biggest issue in their business growth.

Here I have identified 5 keys to getting past the ‘stuff’ we put in our own way.

  1. Get some personal space

    With the pace of modern life and technology now enabling us to be always available most of us don’t really get a lot of alone time. If you don’t take at least 10 minutes (preferably longer) at the beginning of the day to walk around the block, or do some yoga or even just pat the dog then chances are you’re not going to find that time later in the day. You’ll be brushing your teeth in the evening wondering what happened.
    So why is this important? When we take some quiet time to step out of the constant chatter of our mind we allow a higher level of thinking to take place.  What you’re going to find is that while you’re walking the dog, not thinking about anything in particular, an amazing thought will enter your mind that can solve one of your biggest problems – you just needed to create some space to let it in.
  1. Practise self care and love

    What I’m talking about here is caring for ourselves so that we can function at an optimal level. Would you let your kids skip lunch because they were just too busy to grab a bight? Or would you let them miss out on sleep so they could get more work done? Would you berate your partner for doing something less than perfectly? We often don’t treat ourselves as well as we do those we care about. We need to show ourselves the same degree of love and support we show to those we care about. If we don’t we’re really making everything in our life more of a struggle then it needs to be.
  1. Re-frame situations when necessary

    How we assess and judge a situation or a past event is determined by the frame we see it through.To illustrate I’m going to ask a question – Is rain good or bad? Now I live on a property that relies on tank water and it’s been a pretty dry summer so right now I’d love a little rain. What if you were hosting an outdoor wedding this afternoon? The Bride may well be entitled to judge the rain as bad. The fact is, rain is just water falling out of the sky. We can give it any meaning we choose.Can you imagine how powerful it would be if you could apply that concept to your disappointments and setbacks? What an amazing tool to be able to choose how you perceive a situation.
  1. Turning towards an emotion is the quickest way through

    One of the biggest things I see in my coaching is feelings that have been ignored. Inevitably this results in less desirable patterns of behaviour. Procrastination is a perfect example. I’ve noticed we have become better at hiding our procrastination, usually as constant busy-ness. “I didn’t get a chance to do those prospecting calls because I just had so many emails to reply to…” is something I hear a lot. If you’re not doing the most dollar productive activity in your business, it’s procrastination no matter how well we try to sell it to ourselves. The reason I talk about procrastination is that almost always it comes back to some sort of ignored or repressed Fear… the longer the Fear is ignored, the worse the procrastination gets. Amazingly when we address the feeling underneath the behaviour, being the Fear, and we express it the procrastination also diminishes – An emotion expressed will always dissipate.
  1. Seek personal development and watch your business growth soar

    If we’re not growing then we will continue to repeat the lessons that are presented to us in life. In my experience, any lessons ignored will continue to return louder and more disruptive until we are forced to address them. In seeking personal development what I mean is finding ways to grow through these challenges so we can move on to the next bit. This can be through reading, workshops, webinars, e-learning courses – we are really blessed in 2018 to have access to so many different ways to grow and expand our knowledge. We really have no excuse not be constantly engaged in lifelong learning.

Practising these 5 keys daily will set you on a path to creating the business and life of your dreams. If there’s something on this list you’re not doing you may have noticed that it’s holding you back in some way.

If you would like any more information or tools, I have a e-learning program called “Getting the mental Edge” it usually retails for $197 but we are currently offering a complimentary enrolment. Please send an email to support@focusongrowth.com.au or call us on 02 8860 6565 and we’ll send you a login.

Enjoy an amazing week ahead!