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About Focus on Growth

individual & group mindset coaching for business


The Focus on Growth team provides Individual and Group Mindset Coaching to businesses right across Australia and New Zealand. Our programs have been developed to empower business leaders to get the most out of themselves and their team. Coaching is delivered through video conferencing, phone meetings, webinars and supported by extensive online certification courses. This flexible delivery means you don’t need to spend valuable time travelling, and training can fit around your work and personal commitments.

About Leah Tourish

Leah became a mindset coach because she wants to see a world where people are actively engaged in their lives, not just their work. By becoming a mindset coach, she can help business owners who have chosen to make a life rather than just a living.

With her first Real Estate business quickly turning over more than 7 figures and achieving a market share of over 20%, Leah understands business.  While the financial rewards were amazing, she is the first to say they were some of the toughest years of her life.

For her, the lesson wasn’t about how to build a successful business. The real challenge was how to do this and remain true to yourself. How do you hit those huge revenue targets and still make it home for dinner? How to you lead a successful sales team and still create the most amazing date night you and your partner have ever shared? How do you ensure your children know they’re loved and create a home where they feel nurtured and accepted? How do you do all of this while running a hugely profitable business? None of us want to come home from work and give the most important people in our lives the left overs.

You can succeed in your business authentically while still being available for your family, and it all comes down to your mindset.

Knowing this and practising it are two different things however. Learning how to develop the strength to achieve this balance, while often simple, is usually not easy or everybody would already be doing it right?

Leah is here to help you get there.

Our commitment

As a business, Focus On Growth values integrity, honesty, strength, joy and contribution. We’ve seen first-hand how so many people suffer from the belief that work must always come first – to the detriment of their personal lives. We believe you can achieve remarkable things in life and business and that neither has to suffer.

We want to help business owners develop workplaces that are fulfilling, fun and encourage personal growth. We want our clients to become employers of choice and will work with both employers and employees to clear any blockages getting in the way.

Our vision

At Focus On Growth, we’re driven by a vision to see a world where people are actively engaged in their lives and work, achieving the authentic personal growth they’ve always dreamed of and moving past their defining struggles.

We want to see better work-life balances across the population in general. A world where companies are educated on best practices and provide ‘life friendly’ workplaces for staff. A world where people are actively engaged in life and not just work because they are fulfilled by their work, and can come home feeling a sense of achievement and satisfaction from their day.