Change the Negative Habits That Are Hurting Your Business

Our daily routines are based on habit. These habits inevitably lead to the results we achieve. Poor habits, poor results. Million dollar habits, million dollar results in your business. These habits could be everything from waking up at the same time each day and implementing a personal success routine or fueling our bodies with nutritious healthy meals (or not). Not all habits can help us in achieving business success. In fact, some can hold us back. It is possible, however, to change bad habits into good ones and a business mindset coach can help you do just that.

Change the Negative Habits That Are Hurting Your Business

A mindset coach will help you put in place strategies to get the most out of the hard work you put into the success of your business. Management coaching can assist you in building a highly focused and dedicated team ready to take your business to the next level of success, and much of it will be based on establishing powerful habits.  

Developing Empowering Habits 

In order to change daily habits to those that are positive, it is important to take a long, hard look at your current habits, especially at work. It is doubtful that all of your daily habits are helping you, and your business, reach the success you desire. When creating new habits, they should be very specific, and very clear. You should also be committed to these new habits. A business coach can help you identify those beneficial habits that you are able to focus on and keep you accountable. 

The Science of Habit and How to Apply it to Your Business 

Habits, the way they are formed and how to change them, is a subject still being studied quite extensively. Researchers have identified thousands of formulas to create and change habits. This makes it difficult to find a method that will work well for you. Having the support of a professional business coach to guide you through this process is invaluable. By getting to know you, as well as your business needs, a coach can supercharge your business growth and get you to where you want to be faster.  

One Method to Change Habits: 4 Easy Steps 

A popular method for creating habit change was developed by Charles Duhigg and was featured in his book, The Power of Habit. This simple, four-step process identifies what habits need to change, why they need to change, as well as how to change them. Discuss this method with your business consultant if you feel it is a good method for you. 

         Step One: Recognize Your Routines

Our everyday habits are based on routine. Routines are what keep us headed in the right direction, so care needs to be taken in deciding what routines we adopt. Everyone has a “habit loop” that we fall into during our daily routines. The routines you follow each day are usually very easy to identify. The harder part of the process is to identify the cues—see Step Three—that is causing the routine. Mindset coaching can help you to see your own personal routines as well as the routines established for your employees. 

        Step Two: Establish Rewards with a Mindset Coach

Most habits are created subconsciously with an end reward involved. If you always keep your office door closed and you don’t speak to anyone, it is important to understand the reward you are experiencing with this behaviour. Is it because it is a quiet space that allows you to concentrate? Is it because you don’t like being interrupted by your employees? Is it because it gives you the privacy to focus on your own tasks?  

        Step Three: The Motivating Cue

The cue, as mentioned above, is one of the hardest things to determine once you’ve identified a habit. This is because there is a lot that happens every day, especially when you’re a business owner. How do you isolate the cue, or the reason for the habit, among all the noise and clutter?  

Questions to ask when determining the cue: 

  • Where were you at when the behaviour began? 
  • What time did the behaviour start? 
  • What was your emotional state when you started the habit? 
  • Who else was around you when it began? 
  • What were you doing before the urge to perform the habit hit you? 


You can answer all five of these questions for each instance of the behaviour. Then, you can analyse the results over a week, or longer, of work to find out what you are getting from the behaviour that you may be able to get by changing the negative habit to a positive one.  

       Step Four: Plan Out Habit Changes

If you try to change everything about the way you work or even how you spend personal time all at once, you will become overwhelmed. You won’t be able to stick to any of the changes you’re wanting to implement, which means they won’t benefit you. The cues you’ve identified in Step Three will help you to realize what needs to change, but these changes should be prioritised, so you can stick to that new habit that you and your mindset coach have agreed on.  

Your Plan to Change Negative Habits 

Change the Negative Habits That Are Hurting Your Business

When deciding which habits are most important to change first through mindset coaching, you can follow a series of actions and mental changes that will help you stick to the new habit. When running a business, it is important to constantly assess what is working for you and what is not. The methods below can also be used to implement positive habits at home with your family. 

  • Take the time to evaluate your daily routine and habits so you understand them better.  
  • Every day write down the habits you are observing in your work and start to ask questions regarding the cue.  
  • Analyse the observations you’ve made to determine which habits are keeping you on a path to success and which habits are hindering you.  
  • Use Duhigg’s 4-Step Plan to start making changes.  
  • Establish new habits that will benefit your small business’ path to success—it is important to be very clear with these habits.  
  • Commit yourself, both mentally and emotionally, to these new habits.  
  • Try recruiting an “accountability buddy” who can help you stay on track with new, positive habits. 


Creating Positive Habits with a Mindset Coach 

Business mindset coaching can help you create powerful habits in your own work and also establish new routines and policies that will benefit your team as well. A business mindset coach has the knowledge and tools to help you achieve these personally as well as professionally. If you are looking for a business mindset coach, our coaches at Focus on Growth are ready to learn more about you and your business, create a powerful plan, and put you on the path to success.