Emotional Intelligence Training

How strong is your team? As you’ll be aware, excellent communication, listening and team working skills are essential to the smooth running of any organization. The challenge comes in ensuring that every member of the team has the skills they need to work effectively with one another, as well as provide the exceptional level of care and support which your customers demand. The suite of skills necessary to work effectively and respectfully with others can be collectively known as “emotional intelligence”- the ability to handle relationships effectively and empathetically at the same time as being aware of (and in control of) one’s own emotions.

What can emotional intelligence training be used to address?

If your business is suffering from some, or all, of the issues highlighted below, emotional intelligence coaching could make a positive difference:

– Team conflicts, perhaps due to clashes in personality.
– High rates of absenteeism or lateness.
– Poor performance, including low productivity and poor motivation.
– A negative, dispirited culture in the workplace.
– Poor customer service and consequently poor customer feedback.
– Weak management.
– Failure to meet goals, objectives and KPIs.
– A lack of coherence and shared vision.

What type of skills fall under the emotional intelligence umbrella?

Typically, the type of skills which employees can expect to gain from emotional intelligence training include:

– Improved listening skills.
– The ability to display greater empathy with the people they interact with.
– An improved ability to be open and honest about their own emotions.
– The ability to respectfully disagree.
– The ability to negotiate towards win-win outcomes in interpersonal relationships.
– Better motivation and the development of personal goals which align with corporate values.
– A clearer view of what the company is about and how their contribution adds value.
– Better team working.
– Greater appreciation of the strengths which others bring to the workplace.
– Increased tolerance and empathy.
– Improved insight. In some cases this can lead employees to seeking help with underlying issues which may be impacting on their ability to display emotional intelligence.

Can anyone become more emotionally intelligent?

Whilst some people already have quite highly developed emotional intelligence, with appropriate coaching its possible to make improvements in nearly everybody’s emotional intelligence skills. The acquisition of emotional intelligence can have an enormously positive impact on both working and personal relationships, transforming the way in which people interact with colleagues, friends and family. Part of the coaching process is to show employees the practical benefits which emotional intelligence can bring. As a result of coaching, companies normally see quantifiable changes in the way the workforce operates. Outcomes such as improved sales, better productivity, improved attendance and better customer care are all possible once the appropriate coaching has been put in place.

Improved emotional intelligence in the workplace could provide the boost your business needs. Give us a call to find out more about the advantages of emotional intelligence coaching and why your business could become a happier, more profitable place once employees begin behaving in a more emotionally intelligent manner.

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