Let’s look at how executive burnout manifests and options for recovery.

In 1974, Herbert J Freudenberger, a renowned American Psychologist gave more insight into the term “burnout”, through his book titled Burnout: The High Cost of Achievement. Since then, the term burnout has caught on and is used to describe various difficult situations that people go through, especially due to their complex work in the business or corporate world.

So, how does a burnout manifest itself?

There are several signs of a burnout that you may overlook during your day to day work. Moreover, most of the burnout symptoms can be difficult to tell, because it is normal for executives and business owners to experience various hardships in their work. However, these are some of the ways in which a burnout manifests itself;

As an executive, you might find yourself grappling with the loss of passion and energy to the work that you have always enjoyed doing.

In your daily work, you may feel overwhelmed by long episodes of stress which are unlike what you are used to.

Another symptom that can point you in the right direction is being forgetful and missing appointments.

You may also be faced by lack of creativity while performing certain duties that you normally handle diligently.

Furthermore, you might experience difficulties, while making routine decisions that you have made easily previously.

The top executive and business owners are looked upon all the time, to make both easy and complex decisions. If you are finding it unusually hard to make decisions that you have always made in a different situation, this could be as a result of burnout.

A burnout begins by experiencing some of the above-mentioned symptoms. These affect your motivation to get the work done, your once clear vision gradually becomes blurred, and eventually, your confidence takes an enormous dip and all of a sudden, you are no longer as productive as you are supposed to be. Additionally, your physical state deteriorates, lethargy kicks in and you experience sleep disturbances as well as the inability to be active even when you try to.

Common ways in which most Executives respond to a burnout

Oblivious to what is really happening, instead of engaging in positive activities that would ease the pressure, or taking stress leave, most people do the opposite. They work harder, put in some extra hours only for their efforts to end up in futility. As admirable and respected people among their peers and families, the pressure of failure only gets worse. This triggers the feeling of negative emotions which include shame and embarrassment hence intensifying the burnout.

In case you have reached the stage of burnout and you are just realizing it, it is possible to remedy the situation and get back to your productivity levels at work. Moreover, burnout can be prevented as well as eradicated.

What we do

Our Executive Burnout Prevention and Recovery Management program seeks to help you prevent or overcome a burnout by using a skilful and tailor-made approach. Through our program, we start from the root cause of the problem and build from that.

We understand that work which was once meaningful to you for years can suddenly lose meaning, leaving you feeling empty and unmotivated. Our job is to provide the right professional guidance and support so that you can overcome the burnout and get back to work.

Burnouts are known to reoccur 70% rate and our executive coaching works to ensure that this does not happen again. We will arm you with the right strategies for managing stress in the workplace so that you can easily decipher any burnout syndrome and protect yourself from it.


It may look impossible to beat the odds when you are heavily burned out as you hardly have the willpower or the energy to fight back. As a coach, I have encountered such cases, and with the application of the right stress management methods, I can attest to you that transformation is possible. The first step is to acknowledge and accept the situation, which gives you space to tackle the problem.

My coaching method works on the underlying drivers of the behaviour patterns and we have seen people experiencing a marked improvement as early as the first session. That said, any form of coaching or personal development is long term process and the best results are achieved with consistent focus and effort.

Like I said earlier, my approach is results-oriented and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and passionate to work, enhance your creativity and communication skills, restore the clarity of your vision and improve your overall performance.

If you would like a free consultation session to discuss burnout prevention and recovery management, do not hesitate to give me a call or contact me through my website, here.