Does this story sound familiar? You started off taking care of your own marketing but you just didn’t have the time to do it well. So then you outsourced. Maybe you started with individuals all helping with parts of it – web developer, graphic designer, social media person… but somehow it still needed a large time investment from you. So next you hired a digital agency to take care of everything. That may have worked but it became obvious that having your own marketing team would refine your message, make it feel more personal – more in line with your company and the amazing products or services you are delivering to your clients.

Next you decided to build your internal sales and marketing team. Maybe you’re just getting started and are looking for a little guidance. Or maybe you’ve been at this for a while now and as brilliant as your team is, you feel like there’s room for improvement. You’ve come to the right place.

Focus on Growth delivers digital marketing training and mindset development courses for teams of all sizes and competency levels. From absolute beginners to formally qualified marketers with years of experience. The almost universal response to our training is ‘WOW, I wish I had learnt that sooner’.


Our training courses on digital marketing cover all core skillsets marketing teams need. Master these core competencies and your company will have the in-house capability to produce marketing campaigns that drive revenue growth both predictably and profitably. Imagine being able to attract MORE clients that are MORE valuable yet LESS expensive to acquire – you will have cracked the code to business growth. Our workshops and training courses can be completed online or in-house in the following disciplines –


You and your team can have the most amazing marketing skills imaginable, but until these are applied with high levels of emotional intelligence and the optimum mindset, things just won’t work. This is where most teams get stuck.

That is why we take our training many steps further and ensure that all blockages that could have an adverse effect on your business growth are addressed and managed. Workshops that address a specific need within your business, for instance, ‘Emotional Intelligence Training for Marketers’, can be booked on an as-needed basis. We also offer individual and small group coaching combined with online certifications in the following areas –

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