What comes to mind when you hear someone mention personal leadership skills? Is it the ability for one to develop their own positive leadership qualities? Is it the ability and willingness to utilize these progressive traits to achieve their goals? Is it the ability to be self-motivated and focused on the goal? Or is it the authority to steer their life towards the direction of success rather than wait for time and luck to determine their fate?

Well, it’s all these things rolled into one! That’s what personal leadership means. It often begins at that moment when you make the decision to take control of the course of your life, become your number one personal life coach, and be guided by a self-created mission statement that outlines not only your personal values and principles but also life goals.

How Does Personal Leadership Matter to You?

Although personal leadership is something that develops from within yourself, its positive impact can be felt by not only you and your immediate family, friends, and colleagues but also by other people in your community and the world at large. For instance, legendary US president Abraham Lincoln began out in politics by utilising his natural intellect and outstanding communication skills to criticize his political rivals. Reportedly, he once reduced an opponent to tears during a political debate.

Over time he himself grew uncomfortable with his campaigning tone although Lincoln’s methods proved hugely effective. He began teaching himself how to make good use of his personal leadership attributes like self-discipline and self-control to essentially channel his natural wit, intuitive charisma, and mastery of language for the wellbeing of the American people. Eventually, he became not only one of the most effective communicators ever but also one of the most loved political leaders America has ever produced.

Vital Personal Leadership Skills & Abilities to Possess

There are a number of personal leadership attributes that we can nurture within ourselves so as to be able to apply our talents and strengths not only for our own success but for the benefit of those around us and humanity in general. They include the following:

Vision – It’s imperative that always have an overall game plan. It’s like a mission statement of your life. Aside from a clear vision of your ultimate objectives, this also entails possessing the leadership acumen to actualize those goals.

Self-discipline – As we’ve seen with Abraham Lincoln’s case above, if you focus on the positive channelling of your raw skills or talents towards progressive outcomes, it’s possible to transform your leadership capabilities and life.

Spirituality – Renowned personal leadership expert Peter Block defines spirituality as the process by which individuals live out their own deeply-held values, including the honouring of powers beyond their own. It’s borne out of our natural desire and curiosity to find the deeper meaning for life and to live and experience it for more than just our own gratification.

Integrity – Being firm in your personal principles and unwavering in defending them is another attribute that defines good trustworthy leadership. Integrity enhances the trust, respect, and high regard that those around you hold you in.

Honesty – To exercise truthfulness in all situations and circumstances has never been an easy thing. However, it still remains the right path. It’s no wonder, therefore, that it’s core to in personal leadership.

Open Communication – Being able to communicate to and with other people in not only an open and honest manner but also tactfully is a great skill. In fact, this is an attribute that you need to persistently and incessantly hone if you want to remain a good and effective leader like Abraham Lincoln.

Kindness – Reputed physician and Nobel Laureate Albert Schweitzer opines that being constantly kind can achieve a lot in life. He succinctly puts it this way: just as sunrays melt ice, it’s the same way exercising kindness leads to the evaporation of mistrust, hostility, and misunderstanding.

Legacy Cultivation – Spiritual author Charles Spurgeon describes the good character as the best tombstone one can have. When you’re gone, people that loved you and those whose lives you impacted will cherish your memory even after the forget-me-nots have completely withered. Always strive to carve your name on the hearts of people rather than on marble.

Final Thoughts & Call to Action

Honing your personal leadership abilities is not an event but a lifelong process. It needs daily self-evaluation, constant reflection, conviction, self-belief, and perseverance. Keep your eyes on the prize. Remain focused on your life path and the positive outcomes will be evident before you, to all those around you, and the world in general.

So, what kind of leader are you now and what improvements do you think you need?

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