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It’s a massive mistake but we see it all the time. Clients engage us to consult on their company marketing strategy but they don’t have a clear picture in their minds (or on paper) of who they want to connect with.

What is an Avatar? Put simply, your Customer Avatar is your ideal customer profile. The person you want to attract to your business. Most businesses have more than one although it can be helpful to decide on your main Customer Avatar profile and then add secondary segments later.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the products and services your business delivers (the WHAT) that you forget to spend time working out WHO your ideal customer is. The problem is, you could have the most amazing product ever invented, but if you’re trying to sell to someone that doesn’t need or want it, you’ll never get traction in your market. 

Imagine for instance you sell scuba diving equipment. You probably wouldn’t choose to open a shop in Darwin or in the case of ecommerce, market to people living in Darwin. Most people living in the Northern Territory would be too worried about the crocodiles to dive and those that aren’t worried about the crocs (think Croc Dundee) are probably tough enough to dive without equipment.

We need to consider who it is we are wanting to engage with every piece of marketing material we produce or we risk wasting a lot of time, energy and Ad budget on people that will never buy from us.

Putting the time and energy in to really understand who your ideal customer is will improve EVERY aspect of your marketing. There’s not a single marketing discipline that this doesn’t apply to including Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Funnels, Content Marketing and Paid Traffic.

It’s all about developing a message that will move your Avatar (or ideal client) to take action.

ADD CTA somethign like this – 

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Example Customer Avatar – Say Hello to Annie the Accountant

One of our programs here at Focus on Growth is the 90 Day Growth Accelerator. This is a 3 month program where we work business owners and their team through building their business marketing machine – laying out a strategy and providing the tools and tactics to double their sales.

 Who would be the ideal client for this program? We decided that it is Australian Business Owners who have grown their business to the point where they now have a team of 5-50 and within this are implementing (or trying to implement) most of their own marketing. 

Annie runs an accounting practice with 25 employees. She has a personal assistant that helps with her Social Media, a Marketing Assistant that puts together proposals and brochures and her IT Systems person has been trying to work out facebook ads. Annie can see that her marketing team of 3 are busy but she’s not exactly sure what results are coming from where. Annie is a brilliant accountant but she never thought she’d have to run a marketing department! She’s working massive hours to try and get on top of it all, meanwhile at home her family are starting to forget her name.

What you need to know about your Customer Avatar Completing the Customer Avatar Worksheet

There are 5 main areas to focus on when completing the Customer Avatar Worksheet 

    • Goals and Values – make a note of these that are relevant to the product or service you offer
    • Sources of Information – what do they read, listen to, watch? Who else has their attention?
    • Demographic Information – are they a particular age? Married or single? Do they have children?
    • Challenges and Pain Points – what’s keeping them up at night?
    • Objections and Roles – why haven’t they purchased yet? What’s stopping them? Check your Avatar is in a role that allows them to make a purchasing decision – if not who else do you need to communicate with? For example if your Avatar is a 10 year old girl – you need to complete the above profile for her parent that will be making the buying decision.

Build multiple profiles

Once you have developed your main Customer Avatar profile, begin work on the other personas that could be prospective clients. Most businesses have at least 2-3. Using these profiles each and every time you plan a marketing campaign will ensure that your messaging is heard by the right people at the right time. It allows you to speak directly to your ideal clients needs and wants and deliver exactly what they are looking for.

Need help?

Here at Focus on Growth, we regularly run digital marketing courses that cover all aspects of marketing strategy, please visit our upcoming training page for more information.